Hello, my name is Miss Angie.  I am a 1960’s inspired cocktail bar with a distinctness.

I’m a Bedford Bus that has been glamorously converted in to the mobile bar of your dreams. I can drive my way to pretty much any destination you desire. I have a long history behind me which gives me a unique character and flare to fit in with any social occasions. I love to party, dance, mix drinks, serve you with the best staff, kick up my heels and have a good time!


I recently went under a major transformation. I have been fitted out with a stunning white pressed metal ceiling , French pale pink wall fabric, and a plush VIP 10 seater couch and cocktail table to be desired. My service hatch opens up to reveal a contemporary polished vintage red copper bar, a bottle display that is truly captivating and glassware that only Donald Draper drinks out of.

Although i am 1960’s inspired, i am a bit of a chameleon at heart. I relish on the idea of themes. It gives me an opportunity to become someone else. I have 4 favourite themes that i can become. However, if you give me enough time, I would love to work with you to achieve your ideal fantasy. So for all of you out there that are planning a celebration of any kind, give me a call and I’ll be right there to service you in style.


Best Wishes.

introducing miss angie